Days 8, 9 and 10 Chemotherapy.

So they say to start the year as you mean to go on, although for me 2015 in bed with a headache was not my intention, especially having not had a drop of alcohol for months!

The treatment

so just as I was settling down for my second evening at home on Monday, I had a call from the ward asking me to return in the evening at about 8pm. Frustratingly due to the bed shortage, a vacancy had come up and they were concerned that if they didn’t book me in straight away they’d lose my bed. So I spent the night of the 29th back in Worcester.

On Tuesday, I was due to have a short treatment of vincristine, followed by my intrathecal injection on Wednesday. The doctor said I would be able to go home afterwards noting that I couldn’t start any more treatment till my Hickman line was put in on Friday.


This time, the fluid was clear in colour and only lasted for about 15 mins followed by a flush. I didn’t experience any reaction to it apart from a bit of tiredness about an hour later.


The next morning, in preparation to my intrathecal injection, I was told that my neutrophil levels (a measurement of white blood cells) were starting to fall. This meant that I’d need a daily injection to help my bone marrow replace white blood cells and reduce risk of infection.

I had to negotiate with the doctor as I was hoping to go home to see the new year in noting that I wouldn’t be back home for several days after the next treatment. She said that as long as I monitor my temperature and provided I had my injection before I went home, I could go home and return the following afternoon to receive the next injection.

The Cytarabine was administered through my spine (intrathecally- see separate post) to help it interact with blood cells in my brain. The procedure was fairly pain free and lasted only 30 minutes including preparation. After a short rest, I started to get a severe headache which continued through the evening. I had a lift home from my brother during which I struggled to fight nausea and dizziness caused by the headache. I arrived home and had some water and paracetamol which helped numb the pain a little. I rested in front of the TV with Liz to see out the remainder of 2014.

I felt a little guilty as Liz decided to stay with me rather than celebrating the new year with friends, but I’ll make it up to her next year. I couldn’t stay up all night so went to bed at about 10:30 and read a little before drifting off and sleeping as best as I could with the nagging headache in the background.

I woke up the next morning with the headache at a stronger pace. After breakfast, I went back to bed and spent the first part of 2015 in bed. It had subsided a little by 14:00 so I went back down for a lovingly prepared soup for lunch.

At about 16:30 it was time to return to the hospital and having eaten my final meal of the day on the ward (instant vegetable soup, which incidentally I will be happy to see the back of) I’m sat here writing to you. Tomorrow I’m having my Hickman Line put in which I expect to be a little more painful than the PICC line, but its apparent complexity intrigues me, and being a local anaesthetic procedure, I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you all about it tomorrow. So till then Happy New Year…